500 Club

The 500 Club

The Worthing Rugby 500 Club offer an exciting chance to win cash prizes of up to £200 every month.

This is a valuable source of funds that the Club keeps in a separate Bank Account. It is primarily targeted for specific projects aimed to protect and improve the Club’s facilities for the benefit of all members and players.

Members of the ‘500 Club’ will be given opportunities to suggest & champion future projects and to determine which projects should be supported.

We hope you will support this fund and more importantly give yourself a chance to win the cash prize. Please complete the ‘500 Club’ Application and Standing Order Mandate and return to WRFC.


1. The Club will be called ‘WRFC 500 Club’, hereafter referred to as ‘500 Club’ and will be limited to 500 numbers.

2. Applications for the ‘500 Club’ will only be accepted from current members of WRFC (social, player, family, life, VP) or otherwise from subscribers to the old ‘200 Club’ at the time of its closure.

3. The cost to participants will be £5 per number per month, payments being made by Standing Order on the 1st of each calendar month.

4. The purpose of the ‘500 Club’ is to receive funds from participating members and re-distribute these funds between the holders of winning draw numbers and WRFC Club projects. The approximate split will be 50% to prizes, 50% to project funding.

5. The normal monthly draws will be made March to January inclusive, with the Grand Annual Draw being made in February.

6. Participants may hold multiple numbers and may nominate another person as the beneficial holder of a number for which they are making payment. Please note that if the nominated person is under the age of 18 years, then any prizes must be paid to the nominating participant in order to comply with current regulations.

7. Numbers will not normally be transferable – on cessation of a member’s participation in the ‘500 Club’, any numbers for which they make payments will be returned to the pool of unallocated numbers. However, under exceptional circumstances a number may be transferred at the Administrator’s discretion.

8. All draws will be made mid-month, to include all members who have paid their monthly subscription on the first of that month (but also see 11 below).

9. Monthly Draw prizes (11 times pa) will consist of 1 x £200, 3 x £100 and 5 x £50. However, the number of £100 & £50 prizes may be varied, at the organizer’s discretion, should the ‘500 Club’ not be fully subscribed at the time of a draw. The minimum monthly prizes will be 1 x £200.

10. The Grand Annual Draw prizes will consist of 1 x £2000, 3 x £1000 and 3 x £500. However, the number of £1000 & £500 prizes may be varied, at the organizer’s discretion, should the ‘500 Club’ not be fully subscribed at the time of the draw. The minimum annual prizes will be 1 x £2000.

11. The first and second prizes in the Grand Annual Draw will be limited to participants who have been eligible for a minimum of 5 consecutive monthly draws immediately prior to the Grand Annual Draw (i.e. September to January).

12. Should the membership of the ‘500 Club’ fall below 100 persons, at the organizer’s discretion the ‘500 Club’ may be wound up. In this situation, any payments received by ‘500 Club’ after the last draw and before the date of cessation of the ‘500 Club’ will be refunded.

13. Prizes will be awarded by the random selection of numbers held by eligible participants at the time of the draw and will be paid by cheque.

14. Prizes for other than the Grand Annual Draw will normally be posted to the winners. For this reason it is important that subscribers inform the 500 Club Administrator of any change to contact details.

15. The Grand Annual Draw prizes will be presented at a home league lunch as soon as is practical after the draw has been made. Lunch will be provided for the attending winners in addition to their prize.

16. New subscribers will the allocated number(s) from the pool of unallocated numbers. This will normally be the lowest available number first in an effort to maintain a contiguous range of numbers for each draw.

17. For any single monthly draw where more than one prize is available, then ….
i. An individual may only win one prize
ii. Prizes will be drawn in descending value order (i.e. biggest prize first)

18. The above rules governing the administration of the ‘500 Club’ may be changed at the organizer’s discretion, giving a minimum of two calendar months’ notice to participants.
WRFC December 2016 E&OE

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