500 Club Draw – January ’21

Dear All

Firstly, there has recently been interest shown from a number of club men & women in joining the ‘500‘, with searching enquiries such as ‘where do I get the form?’ If any of you (or others) are having difficulties with this, please contact me directly for help (Email:ballenma@hotmail.com), and may I encourage you to bring “Joining the ‘500’” towards the top of your New Year ‘To Do’ list if you possibly can.

You can download the SO Mandate form (here) or, when again open, hard copies are available in the clubhouse. If you do not have a printer, I would be pleased to post you a form – just say the word! (Email:ballenma@hotmail.com)

Meanwhile, here are the lucky winners for the first draw of the New Year – cheques will be posted by the coming weekend!

January ’21

  • £180    :           #039 –  Martyn Fiddler
  • £80      :           #083 –  Brian Peart
  • £40      :           #103  –  Justin Moore
  • £40      :           #062  –  Peter Dale
  • £40      :           #059  –  Nigel Lee

Congratulations all, and thanks to everyone for their support.

Also, you will be pleased to hear that Winners and Members lists etc on the web-site have now been updated.

I do hope you are all surviving this current lockdown, and that the vaccination fairy may visit you soon!!

Stay safe out there………!, and please remember to notify me of any change to address or contact details.


Brian Allen                                                                      500 Club Admin