500 Club Draws – Important News…..

To All 500 Club Supporters …..

I hope you remain well during these trying times and thank you all for your continuing support.

Covid-19 is proving to be a greater and more lasting impediment than was first expected or hoped for (who said three months?!)

Covid-19 restrictions have prevented the ‘traditional’ approach for making draws from easily taking place i.e. drawing numbered balls manually from bags shuffled by another person.

The continuing delay caused to the 500 Club is, I believe, not acceptable, and I therefore propose to adopt a new process going forward for the selection of each winning number, using an established random number generator (see www.random.org)

This will enable the draws to take place without requiring others to assist and therefore without further delay, which change I hope will meet with general approval.

Using this random number facility, I propose to catch up on the outstanding draws, one each week, to bring us up-to-date according to the following schedule …

Draw for … To take place week commencing ….
February 2020 07/09/20
March 2020 14/09/20
April 2020 21/09/20
May 2020 28/09/20
June 2020 05/10/20
July 2020 12/10/20
August 2020 19/10/20
September 2020 26/10/20
October 2020 02/11/20


Thereafter we may continue to perform 2 draws every other month, with the November and December Draws taking place in mid-December.

I will be pleased to answer any queries on this – mail to me at  ballenma@hotmail.com – and will post on this web-site any corrections, clarifications or changes as required.

With Best Regards

Brian Allen – 500 Club Administrator