500 Club – Get in!!

Your Club needs YOU!!

The 500 Club has just made another significant contribution to the support of everyone’s rugby at WRFC.

We have struggled on far too long with donated and ‘domestic’ grade equipment for the maintenance of our pitches, so we have now enabled the purchase of a ‘macho’ strimmer to help keep our grounds as we would wish them to be – thanks to all 500 Club members for enabling this!

Also, we are purchasing a new steam cleaner to keep our shower and toilet facilities up to the standard you all deserve.

Remember, that even when (or if?) we do move our grounds, we still need this equipment, and even with a move, we might still have 2 or 3 seasons to keep our present grounds up to the quality all our players deserve.

Now, I would announce our next big 500 Club project, much on the same lines, and asking for more participation by all members to make it possible – we need a mini tractor to perform the pitch & grounds service we all require – previously this equipment has been hired in, but the increasing need has made this the most expensive option – ownership of our own groundsman’s ‘hardware’ is the cost effective way to go.

We hope to fund this in many ways – including donations and sponsorship – but the most important funding route is through the 500 Club.

We need more members at just £5 per month – and you can win prizes! –  to help achieve our goal of £10,000 to fund a suitable tractor and its attachments.

Please consider your options and consider joining the 500 Club – forms are on the website – you really can make the difference!!

Let’s commit to providing an enduring ‘Ralph proof’ tractor for 2019!

(Apologies to Ralph D – no offence mate!!)

Best Regards

Brian Allen    500 Club Administrator