500 Club Update – Winners, Donations and New Prize Format ….

500 Club Updates ……

Latest Draw Winners Announced –

January 2019

£200       :               #139 –  Paul Sanderson

£50         :               #066 – Tony Spenner

February 2019 – Grand Annual Draw (The last of its kind – please read below)

£2000    :               #029 – Viki Beer

£500       :               #080 – Paul Coackley

Congratulations to our latest winners, and grateful thanks to all of the 500 Club for their valuable and continuing support of Rugby For All at Worthing RFC.

Cheques will be in the post – as soon as I have confirmed current addresses  – don’t want any going astray !!

Which reminds me – independently of your WRFC membership details, please keep the 500 Club informed of any contact changes – eMail, postal or mobile – Thank You!

Donations to the WRFC –

Our latest contribution of £2000 has supported –

  • Updating the Club’s ‘Honour Boards’
  • Repairs to the PA system
  • Provision of a ‘new’ commercial dishwasher / sanitizer (fingers crossed on this one as Barny H – subject to inspection – hopes to secure a great deal on a ‘previously owned’ instance – new ones can cost upwards of £4K!!)
  • Reduction of the loan for the recently purchased mini-tractor, decreasing our repayments overhead

500 Club ‘facelift’ –

The increasingly successful Christmas / Boxing Day draws have largely removed the need for the 500 Club to have a flagship Grand Annual Draw – so the one just passed will be the last.

Instead of the Grand Annual Draw and only 2 prizes per month, there will now be more prizes every month. The 2019 Draws for March, April and May will follow the existing 500 Club Rules allowing, for each of those months ….

First Prize £200

Second Prize £100

Third Prize  £50

Allowing for the due notice in changing the 500 Club Rules, this monthly structure will then change as from 1st June to ….

First Prize £180

Second Prize £80

Three ‘Runner Up’ Prizes each of £40

This will give 60 great opportunities to win every year for all club men and women to take advantage of!

All this for only a fiver per number per month!!

You may notice also that this makes an adjustment to bring the prize ’yield’ more in line with the target of 50% of the total monies received, the balance available for donation to appropriate WRFC needs.

We hope this new format will prove more attractive, and, as more 500 Draw Numbers are taken up, we will increase those monthly prizes, and together bring more financial help to the wider Club.

So, look out for the longer lists of lucky winners – it could be you!

Good fortune to you all!

Brian Allen

500 Club Administrator

N.B. To accommodate the above prize restructure, notice of changes to the 500 Club Rules is hereby given – the detail of the changes is set out in the ‘500 Club’ page under ‘Club Info’ on this web-site