500 Club News – May & June 2017 Draw Results

With thanks to Tracey Marden in the office for performing the draws, here are the latest winners …

May 2017        £200 : No. 099 Mike Hollywood

£50  : No. 054 Mike Appleton

June 2017        £200 : No. 066 Tony Spenner

£50 : No. 084 Ben West

Cheques will be drawn and dispatched by Royal Mail over the next few days.

Congratulations to you, and thanks to all 500 Club subscribers for your continuing support for WRFC.

Also a warm welcome to our ranks for Ruth Simpson – good luck to you and all our supporters!

As all can see the bike park is now complete with the roof newly fitted – now we need to up our effort to help our club further.

Four possible areas have been identified for consideration –

              • Improvements to our problematic sewer system & cesspit
              • Upgrade the club house ‘big screen’ projector
              • Repairs/upgrade to the PA system
              • Grounds maintenance equipment – tractor/mower.

There is much more that needs to be done, and suggestions are always welcome – especially from members of the 500 Club!

So, a closing thought – if you believe the support that the 500 Club delivers to WRFC is of value, please consider that the nearly £23,000 raised over the last seven or so years has been achieved with only around one in six of the overall Club Membership subscribing to our monthly draws – the many do benefit from the support of the few, so just think what we might achieve if “the many” were also to subscribe to the 500 Club! Sign up now!!

Meanwhile, have a great summer – the next draws will be made in 2 months’ time.

Best Regards,

Brian Allen (500 Club Administrator)