The Club’s Annual General Meeting was held at the club on Sunday, 08 July.


Following the presentation and adoption of the Club’s accounts for 2016-17, the 2017-18 season was reviewed and the following Club awards were presented;


  1. The Ben Beaumont Cup                        – Team of the Season                                     – Raiders As
  2. The Burlington Trophy                           – U21 player of the Season                           – Michael Dingle
  3. The Charrington Tray                              – Club Member of the Season                    – Pip Bryant
  4. The Mike Thompson Cup                     – New Member of the Season                    – Emma Reeve
  5. The Steve “Hippo” Hall Trophy           – Social Player of the Season                      – Ben West


The following Officers and Management Committee members were then elected to serve the Club for the 2018-19 season


President                                                                            – Bob Reynolds

Deputy President                                                            – Ian McGowan

Chairman                                                                             – Brian Vincent

Secretary                                                                             – Darren Seymour

Chairman of Finance and Commercial                     – Barnaby Hall

Chairmen of Rugby;

Raiders                                 – David Hinchliffe

Seniors                                 – Gareth Howard

Women                                 – Phil Lavill

Youth – boys                      – Neil Carter

Youth – girls                       – Gareth Blower



On the recommendation of the Management Committee, the Club’s Honorary Vice Presidents were re-elected


D.R. Webb N.W. Lyons
R.A.G. Rogers (RFU President 2006/07) D. Hinchliffe
M.J. Perring A.B. McGhie
J.M. Oliver J. Mills
B.G. Peart R. White 
B.R. Vincent MRS J Coulson
A. Imrie C Coulson
P. Baker G. Simpson


And in recognition of significant contributions and support of the Club, the following were also elected as Honorary Vice Presidents;


Pau Sanderson

Ian McGowan

Barnaby Hall


Finally, the meeting approved the Management Committee’s proposed subscriptions for the 2018-19 season, in respect of which membership renewal forms will be sent to members in the coming weeks, as the Club prepares itself for the new season ahead.