Last Call for the Vets Dinner


Last call for anyone wishing to attend the vets dinner this Friday

A list below of all already confirmed it’s going to be a  great evening

to book on please contact the office on Tel: 01903 784706  Email:

Paul Sanderson Mike Kimmer Andy Brown Steve Balut Colin Bussey Robin Maden Barny Hall
Brian Vincent Mark Reid Andy Hother Simon Wagstaff Roger Hovell Terry Pashley Nick Grantham-Hill
Bob Reynolds Jon Mills Paul Mills Mike Perring Peter Clifford Richard Short Ross Williams
Nigel Lyons Alan Barnes Terry Butler Paul Hughes Mike McKee Martin Burn Ed Wilcocks
Steve Pearsall Theo Peters Tim Walker Jeremy Reckless Bob Craine Phil Steele Ken Percival
Danny Taylor Duncan Hart Nick Lawson Neil Carter Ian Moss George B-L Rick Hornby
Les Russell Lester Hadfield Derek Cleaves Darren Seymour Peter Wadlow Dave Sidney Jim Holbrook
Dave Merrett Alex Hadfield Laurence Pilfold Simon Booth Simon Stoner Brian Peart Bill Argent
Paul Merrett Richard Hadfield Noel Shields Mark Melaniphy Mark Sanderson Paul Harvey Ian Blackwood
Lee Merrett Tony Mangold George Shields Paul Jones Dean Garnett Bob Rogers Will Argent
Lee Booth