Winger Maslen Returns To Roundstone Lane

Worthing boy Jack Maslen has made a return to Roundstone Lane following two seasons at nearby Chichester RFC. Jack started playing rugby for Worthing Minis and was a key member of the Raiders squad when they secured promotion to National 1. The 27 year old brings a bundle of experience to the game and with his Jason Robinson like footwork we’re sure to see double figure tries by the end of the season.

Assistant Coach Ben Coulson said “Having Jack back in the squad has added to our options and having been a player at Worthing for 20 plus years we know exactly what he can do and the excitement he can bring to the game. Jack decided to play for Chichester two seasons ago and his return is more than welcome. We look forward to seeing him cross the white wash many times this season.”

Name: Jack Maslen
Age: 27
Previous Clubs: Worthing, Chichester
Honours: Harlequins 7s

1. What attracted you to come back to Worthing?

I enjoyed my time at Chichester but I felt that it was time to come home. I thought it was time to test myself again and play in front of the best and most vocal crowd in the South East of England.

2. What’s your most memorable moment at Worthing RFC?

My most memorable moment has to be the play off game against Stourbridge. The atmosphere was electric and the celebrations were the best I’ve had. That’s a day I’ll never forget and am glad to have been a part of.

3. Who’s your sporting hero and why?

I’ve always admired Jason Robinson for his blistering pace and outrageous footwork.

4. What’s your greatest rugby achievement?

My greatest rugby achievement would have to be representing Harlequins in the premiership 7s at The Stoop and Franklin Gardens but also competing in the World Club 7s at Twickenham.

5. Have you been keeping an eye on the Raiders since playing at Chichester?

I’ve been keeping track of Worthing over the past few seasons and have been back to watch a number of games. My younger brother Lewis made a few appearances for the Raiders so I made sure I was there to watch him run out.

Head Coach Jody Levett and Jack Maslen