World Record Touch Rugby

On Sunday 19th July 2020 Worthing Rugby Club will be trying to break a world record for the most participants in a touch rugby exhibition match.

We are aiming for at least 500 players to join us in our attempt and this is open to all members, their families and friends so is a real chance for all sections of our great club to be involved.

To make sure as many people as possible can be involved we will be kicking off the day with an exhibition tag rugby game for those too young to participate in the main event.

We also need volunteers to work with us so even if you don’t feel you can play you can still be involved in the first big Centenary event of the year.

This is a great opportunity to spend time at the club and to interact with other sections who you may not see every week so we invite you to click the link, register and get involved, we look forward to seeing you there.

Looking forward to you all joining us in being record breakers!!!