RugbyBootBank® upcycles previously worn boots getting them to rugby players who face financial hardship and need them most.

We believe #NoBoots should be #NoBarrier to playing rugby. RugbyBootBank® aims to recycle used, outgrown and unwanted rugby football boots and get them to rugby players in the UK who need them most.

We believe #NoBoots should be #NoBarrier to playing rugby. As previously loved boots disintegrate, or as children’s feet grow, a new pair can be expensive and unaffordable for some families.

It is a credit to manufacturers that nowadays boots last a lot longer;sadly, many boots with good playing time left in them are discarded. RugbyBootBank® is passionate about helping people play rugby and protecting the environment from unwanted waste.

As well as recycling boots we recycle all packaging sent to us and for our deliveries only use recyclable packaging to get boots to where they are needed. We collect single or multiple pairs of boots and distribute them to players in the UK offering a free collection and delivery service.

We are only able to offer this service thanks to our network of partners and volunteers across the UK who collect boots on our behalf and help identify players and families who need to use our unique, free service.

Anyone willing to coordinate collections and support the project can become a RugbyBootBank® Champion. We are also seeking willing volunteers with excellent business management skills and sponsors to get involved with the leadership of the organisation.

At RugbyBootBank® no boots is no barrier to playing rugby. #NoBoots #NoBarrier Volunteer, get involved, donate or request boots @RugbyBootBank by emailing


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