South Coast Gym


As a former British soldier I know how important health and fitness is, when I set up South Coast Gym my aim was to create an atmosphere where people of all fitness levels could train in a friendly and helpful environment.  It was key to engage staff that had real passion for health and fitness and not just a certificate, it needed to be their passion.

I am confident that we have that team here at SCG and that there is a member of staff who can help with any form of training, be it from medical rehabilitation to stepping on stage in a Bodybuilding Competition or just to getting into trim.

Our Team come from a wide range of sport backgrounds including GB Ice Hockey, England Cricket, Boxing, American Football, Bikini and Bodybuilding Athletes.

We pride ourselves on not being like chain gyms where your just another statistic, here every member of staff is approachable and every member counts and is valued.

Neil Donohue