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How FMS helps to kick contamination into touch.

FMS (Facility Monitoring Systems Ltd) supplies equipment and expertise that detects particle contamination in air. This lets industries monitor and maintain clean air in environments where that’s critical. Among these is pharmaceutical manufacturing. No one wants contaminated medication, so drugs need to be pristine to remain effective against viruses, infections, illnesses and diseases to ensure patient safety.

But there are many other industry sectors that also need to control contamination to preserve clean air environments. In electronics, integrated circuit manufacturers can’t risk even the tiniest speck contaminating their chip-making process. To get the quality of paintwork we expect on modern vehicles, automotive spray shops need to be confident that there’s no dust in the air to spoil the surface finish. Companies that assemble satellites must avoid airborne particles – sending particles into space means they could float freely and damage sensitive instruments. And that’s just a few of many critical applications where the experts at FMS help pioneering industries.

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