500 Club Draw – February ’21

Dear All

Firstly, a warm welcome to Trish Barnes and Tim Mackew as new 500 Club members – thanks for adding your support and good luck in prize draws to come.

For others wishing to join, it is apparent that many are now able to manage Standing Orders on their bank accounts directly, either on-line or through an App. so we are starting to operate without the need for a hard copy SO Mandate form. Please contact me (Email:ballenma@hotmail.com), and I will provide payee details and the all-important payment reference for you to initiate the SO and join in the 500 Club.

Otherwise, for those that prefer, the ‘old’ paper route will continue to be available –  download the SO Mandate form (here) or, when again open, hard copies will be available in the clubhouse. If you do not have a printer, I would be pleased to post you a form – just say the word! (Email:ballenma@hotmail.com)

Meanwhile, here are the lucky winners for the latest draw – cheques will be posted before the month end!

February ’21

  • £180    :           #010 –  Ian McGowan
  • £80      :           #038 –  Chris Saint
  • £40      :           #079  –  Martin Burn
  • £40      :           #035  –  Keith Porter
  • £40      :           #051   –  Nick Neale

Congratulations all, and thanks to everyone for their support.


Brian Allen                                                                      500 Club Admin