Lions Tour 2021

The Worthing RFC British & Irish Lions Tour to South Africa 2021

The British & Irish Lions coached by Warren Gatland playing South Africa while they are reigning World Champions is going to be the ultimate tour experience in a rugby lifetime.

If you aren’t part of the current Worthing u13’s group but are thinking of coming just for the Lions aspect then you are very much welcome. For the record – you can have as much or as little to do with the kids rugby tour side as you wish.

In fact we need you to come as we have secured this price based on a number of club members coming! Obviously you’ll have to stick to the schedule and accommodation (and we’d love you to come along and cheer the lads in a match or two) but if all you want to do is enjoy the Lions and South African wine and just say hi to us at breakfast then we’d still love you to make the best of the price we’ve negotiated and from a selfish point of view you’ll be helping our kids go on the playing trip.

If you have a child looking to tour, your boy is going to be having his own very professional tour experience with a coaching team boasting experience of international coaching and playing. As pointed out in the meeting, from a pastoral care perspective for all of the children, everything will be done in the right way whether a parent is on tour or not. All coaches are fully qualified, DBS checked, and very well experienced in taking out kids touring parties abroad. Though we all as a group take collective responsibility for lone touring children, the coaches are also committed to being specifically responsible for these lone children and will not be drinking to excess or anything like that.

So, all of that said, now for the nuts and bolts.


Worthing RFC – South Africa Rugby Tour 2021 Presentation

This is a very posh Lions Tour branded presentation  – the basics are below. If you’re not part of the playing set up then just ignore all the mentions of training etc and all of that time is basically yours to enjoy in South Africa. You’re very welcome to join us and the kids if you want to cheer them on but no offence taken if you don’t!


Thurs 22nd July – Fly to Johannesburg (BA, Virgin, Lufthansa or equiv direct or via Europe if need be)
Fri 23rd July – Arrive in Johannesburg
Sat 24th July – Training in morning and 1st Test
Sun 25th July – Fly to Cape Town and training
Mon 26th July – Training morning and afternoon
Tues 27th July – Match Day – (Worthing vs local opposition)
Wed 28th July – Relax day – Light training and then Table Mountain*/V & A visit
Thurs 29th July – Train morning and Robben Island trip*
Fri 30th July – Match Day – (Worthing vs local opposition)
Sat 31st July – Training in morning and 2nd Test
Sun 1st August – Team building day/Shark Diving* and winery*
Mon 2nd August – Training morning and afternoon
Tuesday 3rd August – Match Day – (Worthing vs local opposition)
Wed 4th August – Beach (training inc) and Township* visit
Thurs 5th August – Match Day – (Worthing vs local opposition)
Fri 6th August – Fly to Johannesburg
Sat 7th August – 3rd Test
Sun 8th August – Drive to Game Park for Game Drive* and Gala Dinner**
Mon 9th August – Morning Game Drive* and fly home in afternoon/evening

*Denotes extra to package and will need to be paid for separately (the rand is very good to the pound so this won’t be expensive)
**Two nights accommodation to be paid for separately including Game Drive hotel (more than likely this will be included in the overall cost but here just for transparency).


Total cost = £3499 pp which really is exceptionally reasonable. This includes all international and domestic flights, travel throughout South Africa, accommodation throughout in 3* hotels, some excursions, and, of course, tickets to all 3 Lions tests. Kids will room together as will adults. There will be an extra cost if you want to room alone. For the touring kids we’ll have a ton of tour kit included in this price as they’ll be wearing it from the minute they leave home in the UK to when they get back 18 days later.

We need you to commit to the tour in writing by 31st January 2020 (a simple email to myself on with the number of your party travelling and their names). A £250 deposit pp is due to the Lions Tour organisation by 29th February so to secure your booking we will need this £250pp paid into the Tour account by 29th Feb. Once you’ve emailed your commitment I’ll send on the bank account details. From there all deposits will be paid directly onto Lions travel and will be non-refundable. In the unlikely event the trip does not go ahead due to lack of numbers etc, we will know this by the end of February and all £250 deposits will be returned.

We will then need you to pay a further £250 by 30th September 2020 with the balance payment of the trip will need to be paid by 22nd March 2021. If we do not lift a finger and do not raise a penny through fundraising, you will be paying a balance of £2999, plus any extras for the additional excursions and any kit needed for the playing kids. In terms of kit, we have some contacts and will be hoping the kids will be fully kitted out at the expense of a kind kit manufacturer, and if anyone has an better contacts than us on this matter, please let us know as you can never have too much kit!

South Africa is a very cheap place to travel, the Rand is standing at around 18 Rand against £1, and we do not expect additional excursions to be costly (within reason of course depending on the quality of the excursion).

Ok, first and foremost, if every single person, child, parent or not, commits to helping raise money for this special trip we can achieve something quite incredible. We will be looking to pay for the children first and to make sure every child who wants to tour, can tour. We will be considering the financial situations of families and looking to make the trip work for everyone in a fair and equitable way. If, as a family, some feel there is too much cost involved, but they would like their child to enjoy the experience, we ask you to try and make a commitment for your child and we will do our best to help you on the way. We cannot take the responsibility for paying for your child, you need to be prepared to do that however we will be doing our upmost to pay for some, if not all of your child’s costs through fundraising.

As discussed in the meeting, we are looking to organise at least one, if not two gala lunches (or dinners) in London, attaching the Centenary of Worthing RFC to the whole process starting with a lunch in September this year. We will be securing fantastic guest speakers making it ‘British & Irish Lions in South Africa’ themed and the best rugby dinner in the country in 2020.

We will be asking you to find ways to support the event through either buying places or tables for the event (it won’t be cheap but we’ll be doing special offers for Worthing RFC affiliated people), finding people or companies to buy places for the event and helping with auction and raffle items in terms of donations or ideas etc. Lee Gregory (u13 dad) has 15+ years experience in this field and will guide the process through, and thinks that if we go about it in the right way we can realistically be raising £50,000-75,000 from one event. I will be looking to manage the other fundraising areas and shall be calling on everyone from children to parents, to make an effort in supporting the whole process. If we all engage properly you will actually find it a lot of fun and of course, the benefits will be fantastic. Please feel free to suggest any ideas to us that can help in terms of fundraising, or take any initiatives yourself and get out there and start raising some money!!

Once the children are paid for, we will be looking to cover costs for the remarkable coaches after all of their efforts over the years and from there, any money left over will be split between the remaining tourers to help their costs.

I think that’s about it for now, please reply back by 31st January with your confirmation of touring and number of places you wish to book and their names, and from there we will get the payments set up ready for payment by the end of February.

If you have any questions at all, or need more time to pay the deposit etc please get back to us and we will do our best to help.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,


Patrick Hooper

Under 13’s

Worthing RFC