500 Club Summer Winners ….

With the summer (was it not hot?!!), the holidays and a touch of infirmity, things have got a bit behind, for which I apologize.

But now we are, at least for the while, caught up with the draws for June-Sept having be made with the kind help of Tracey Marden (office supremo!), pulling the winners as detailed below.

First, though, an ‘investment’ update ……

The club has too long relied upon the hiring of tractor and mowing equipment to maintain the pitches – this was proving to be increasingly not cost effective, so the 500 Club has enabled – by provision of a £2,000 down payment – the lease-purchase of our own mini-tractor with gang mowers. This simple step will save us some thousands per year, and more when we  diminish the monthly purchase cost by further early redemption of the lease loan by the 500 Club.

Already, along with the other hard work that has been put in, I hope you can appreciate the benefits just looking at (and playing on) the improving quality of the pitches – and remember, this is not just due to the equipment, but also to those that use it to advantage – notably Ralph D and Colin C – thanks to them all!

Whilst on the subject of pitches and their surrounds, please remember to not litter with drinks bottles and the like – and if you see any, pick it up regardless and deposit to a waste bin – it doesn’t matter how it got there – it’s our club and we must all try to keep it tidy & safe, inside and out!!

Next, and hopefully in time for the Autumn Internationals, the main screen in the clubhouse will be improved to accommodate the maximum size possible alongside the new projector – you’ll feel like you’re on the pitch! Barny H is on the case!!

But, here are the winners since the last posting ….

June 2018

  • £200    :           #084   Ben West
  • £50      :            #023   Michael Clinch

July 2018

  • £200    :           #126    Ian Salvage
  • £50      :           #024    John Gunn

August 2018

  • £200    :           #071    Brian Allen
  • £50      :            #018   Michael Clinch

September 2018

  • £200    :           #049   Peter Borbone
  • £50      :            #145   Sally Tomlinson

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all supporters of the 500 Club – apologies again for yet another slight delay – I will dispatch cheques asap next week.

Finally, a welcome to Tony Mangold as a new 500 Clubber, and also thanks to Chris Lawton for his increased subscription – your help makes the difference, so come on the rest!!

The winners / donations pages will be updated shortly, meantimes I would encourage all to join the the 500 Club to make good rugby great for all at WRFC!!

Best Regards

Brian Allen – 500 Club Administrator

P.S. Please remember to update me directly (email or via the office) with any address or contact changes, increase or decreases in subscriptions (made online through your bank), or cancellations, otherwise these may not be apparent until I download the bank statement and any appropriate response could be delayed, or possibly winnings mis-directed! – Thank you – BA