Covid-19 Restrictions 31/05/20

To members of Worthing RFC – 31 May 2020

 Please be advised, that at this time, the Club has not authorised any form of team, group or individual training and or daily physical exercise activities on our grounds at Roundstone Lane.

Our grounds are private and apart from the public footpaths along our northern and eastern boundaries, our grounds are not available for use by the general public.

Whilst the Club has not authorised members to use our grounds for exercise purposes, we are aware that an increasing number of members are exercising at the Club. Such activity, not being part of any authorised Club activity is therefore at the users own risk.

The Government has announced the limited lifting of the initial Covid-19 restrictions and we are guided by Government regulations and those of the Rugby Football Union. At this time, they have produced the following guidelines, to assist Clubs and their members using Club facilities.

Please kindly take note of these and ensure that if going to the Club to exercise, these guidelines are adhered to. As most will realise, we have been asked to be Alert, and to continue with the minimum 2 metre social distancing from anybody outside members of your own household.

We all eagerly await further guidelines as to the lifting of restrictions and ultimately a full return to train and play decision. We ask all to realise though that we run the risk of this being delayed, if all do not do their bit, to adhere to the currently published guidelines.

As and when these change, members will be notified.


Brian Vincent


Worthing RFC