Worthing Summer Touch League 2017

So the time has almost come to start the Summer Touch League!! We thought it would be helpful if we gave you some information and details around the next few weeks and in particular registration day on 17th May 2017.

There are three leagues which are as follows;

Mens – All players must be 14 or over on 24th May 2017.
Mixed – All players must be 14 or over on 24th May 2017.
During the game there must be a minimum of 2 female players on the field at all times. All female teams will play in this league.

Family – Players can be any age. During the game there must be a minimum of 2 players aged under 14 as of the 24th May 2017 and 1 female player fielded by each side.

Teams will consist of a maximum of 12 players and games will be 6 v 6. Substitutions can be made during any break in the game and there are no limits to the number made during a game.

Games will be 12 mins long with NO half time. There will be no stoppage time and timings will be kept centrally.

Teams can change the membership of their squad as the League progresses, but will be required to register their players each week. Players may play for more than one team and across the leagues – fixtures permitting.

Each team must supply a nominated referee each week. If a team is unable to supply a ref they will be docked 3 League points for each week.

Each team will be required to have an identifiable uniform team top which can be a vest, tee shirt, rugby shirt etc. Teams not in an identifiable team strip will be docked 1 League point for each match they play. Bibs will be provided for teams in similar strip.

A copy of the rules will be sent to each team Captain for circulation to their squads.

A private Facebook Group has been created and at least one member of each team must be a member as this is where results and information will be posted throughout the League. The Group is called Worthing RFC Summer Touch 2017.

Registration Evening – 17th May 2017
Teams are encouraged to come along on the 17th May from 7pm to register their teams. There will be an opportunity to play some friendlies and for those that have never played before there will be some coaching on the rules and play. The bar will be open too!

Once we have established how many teams have entered a fixture list will be published. We are aiming for as many games as possible for all teams. Finals will be held on Wednesday 26th July, where trophies will be awarded to winning teams.

If you require any further information please email the office or see Lee Ridley, Darren Seymour, Nigel Dewey, Pip Bryant or Ben West.

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!