Summer Touch


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The sunshine is starting to appear which means Summer Touch Rugby is happening at Worthing RFC. Registration night is 19th June, so come down to enter either family or mixed league. It’s a great way to keep fit and socialise over the summer!

Worthing Summer Touch will consist of 2 Leagues
Mixed League

All players must be 13 or going to be 13 by the 31st August 2024. At least 2 players must be female in the team.

Family League

Players may be any age but during play there must be a minimum of 2 female players fielded.


League points will be awarded as follows:

  • 3 points for a win
  • 2 points for a draw
  • No points will be awarded for a loss
  • 1 loosing bonus point if the score is within 3 scores
  • 1 point for having fielded members of the team dressed in team strip (judgement of the referee)
  • 1 point to the team showing good TREDS

Teams will consist of no more than 12 players in total. All players MUST be registered with the playing team on the night.

Players may play for more than one team if they are registered separately with each one.

If a team fields an unregistered player, they will be docked 1 league point for each infringement.

All teams are required to have a self-supplied team strip. This may consist of rugby shirts, vests, t-shirts etc. but there should be no zips rough edges or any adornments that may cause injury. The referee will be the final arbiter on this point.

NO jewellery to be worn by any player.

Any team not playing in an obvious team strip will be docked 1 league point.

If two opposing team strips are similar bibs will be provided.


Each team is required to supply a nominated referee for each evening. Any team who does not supply a referee will be docked 3 League points. The nominated referee DOES NOT have to be a registered player. Each evening referees will be required to attend a briefing prior to the commencement of the matches.

Game Duration

One twelve-minute game with no half time and no “time Off”.

Referees may allow play to continue after the full-time has been signalled until there is a natural break in play.

All games will be centrally timed.

Pitch Size

Games will be played on pitches not exceeding 70m x 50m. (half a pitch)

Start Of Play

To decide ends and starting team the two captains will play a round of Rock/Paper/Scissors with the winning captain deciding whether to choose ends or start the game. The call will be “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot”. On “shoot” the captains will play one of the three options. The Shoot Out will continue until there is a winner.

Play starts and restarts at the centre with a “tap”. This is performed by moving the ball on the ground with the foot, free from the hands, and then picking it up. Penalties are performed by the same procedure. On both a re-start and penalty the defending team must retreat at least 10 metres.
Six players are allowed on the field at any one time, with a maximum of 6 reserves off the field.

Reserves can be continuously substituted at any time from one side of the field. The substituting players must make contact with each other behind the side-line.


A try is scored by grounding the ball on, or behind, the try-line. One point is awarded in all leagues. There are no other methods of scoring.


A legal touch (tackle) is on any part of the body, clothing and ball. A player must claim a touch by raising a hand and shouting, “Touch”. The referee is the sole judge of the touch and has the discretion to overrule a claim. (Play to the whistle). An attacking player may affect the touch by deliberately
touching the opposition.

When touched, the player in possession must place the ball on the ground at the exact point of the touch (If a player over runs the point of tackle the MUST retreat back to that point BEFORE restarting). Play is re-started by stepping over the ball. It can be controlled with a hand or foot. This is
known as a ROLLBALL. The ball may not roll more than a metre. A player may not perform a roll ball unless touched.

The player picking up the ball (the dummy-half) may run, but if touched a Turnover occurs. The dummy-half may not score, and a Turnover (rollball) will be awarded if this occurs.

After 6 touches possession changes. The attacking team begins play on the “first down”, starting with a “rollball”.

All defending players must retire more than 5 metres in line with the mark of touch. The defending team cannot move forward until play restarts, nor interfere with play whilst retreating.

A restart occurs the moment the ball is tapped or the dummy-half touches the ball at the roll ball.

If there is no dummy-half in position (within 1 metre of the mark) defenders may advance from an on-side position.

If the attacking player, when making a quick start, is touched by an off-side defender, play is allowed to continue.

If an attacking side gains no advantage, a penalty tap for the first down will be given.

When a rollball is taken within 5 metres of the score line the defending players must retreat with both feet to behind their score line before they can make the touch.

If a player is touched in the touchdown zone before grounding the ball the touch counts and play is restarted on the 5-metre line.

At all times no team may delay the game by deliberately delaying a rollball.

If the ball is dropped or if a player crosses the side-line before being touched, Turnover will occur.

This is by means of a rollball.

Penalties & Infringements

A penalty is awarded for the following infringements:

  • a forward pass offside play
  • performing a rollball over the mark
  • claiming a Touch when none was made
  • interfering with the rollball (running around the ruck)
  • passing the ball once touched

When a penalty is awarded, the referee will advance 10 metres from where the infringement occurred.

The referee must give the exact mark from where the Tap Ball must be taken.

The defending team must retire 10 metres from the mark or behind the try-line.

If the defending team unsuccessfully intercepts the ball or it is intentionally knocked down, the attacking team starts from a “first down” rollball.

The principle of advantage will be applied.

No obstruction, excessive contact, verbal abuse or foul play will be tolerated – the referee is sole judge. A penalty will be awarded in such cases and a player can receive 2 minutes in the SIN BIN.

Serious or continual foul play of any nature will result in the player being sent off without a replacement.

Should at least 4 players not be present to begin a game, the team with sufficient players will receive 1 try for every 2 minutes lost, until the game can commence.

Game Conclusion

A central timer will be used to finish games.

After each game the captain will be required to confirm the score by signing the referee’s Score sheet.

Once the score sheet has been signed, the result is deemed final.

Principles & Ethos

Summer Touch will be played and run within the RFU Core Values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline & Sportsmanship.

Extra bonus points will be awarded to those teams showing TREDS on the field.

The emphasis is on fun and participation. Whilst it is accepted that competition is healthy, please remember it’s not the world cup final!!

We are encouraging everyone to join in and play regardless of experience, ability, needs or fitness and therefore where a player has issues with mobility etc. they will be encouraged to join a family team and play in the family league. Referees in this league will have the discretion to adapt the rules as required to ensure that any player with needs is able to fully take part.

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